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The First 360° Nutraceutical Program

Kronuit®, Inner7® and Hasaki® are combined to optimize the metabolism, fat burn and energy during all day. Based on a patented new bio-fermentation technology and the Japanese Technology, all 3 products operate in different leaver biologic cycles.


 1. During the night, O|N|R® helps to reduce stress and control hormonal balance.
2. During the morning, Hasaki® detoxify entirely your body and helps your body to store efficiently energy for all day.
3. During afternoon Inner7® support fat burning system and balances body pH.

Usage Guidline

  • Morning: BelAge® + Inner7® + Hasaki®
    Good for: gut detoxification, microbiota modulation, bowel movement, uric acid detoxification, energy.
  • Lunch: Kronuit® + BelAge®
    Good for: mitochondrial activity, sugar balance, fat burn.
  • Dinner: Kronuit® + Inner7®
    Good for: melatonin balance, better sleep, reduced stress.


Kronuit® is a nutraceutical beverage product (powder to dissolve in water) that improves the body regeneration at night, by reducing the accumulation of fat (principally in the abdominal area) and controlling cholesterol amount.

The product is based on two efficacies proved with Sanki Mayor materials and formulas: Advanced Delivery System (ADS) and O|N|R®.