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Stabilized Complex of Polyphenols from Japanese Fruit Yuzu


  • Activation of pineal gland
  • Deep detoxification at cellular level
  • Cooling and relaxation Brain function enhancement better sleep
  • Deep nutrition
  • Anti-Oxidant
  • Increase of mitochondria activity
  • Protection of hormone producing cells

As a result with Yuzim increases hormone balance effect of Inner7.

Extract Enhancement of Blood

Hands were put in cold water (10°C) during 10 minutes to reduce skin temperature. Hands were then kept at the exact same room temperature to warm and skin temperature was evaluate every 5 minutes with thermography.


Hands warm-up is correlated to blood circulation. Subjects with bad blood circulation struggle to keep constant body temperatures in end body parts. This test shows clearly that Inner7 with Yuzim extract contributes to blood circulation.

Enhancement of α-Waves from Brain


  • +95% Improvement Of sleep
  • -85% Reduction of stress
  • +92% Improved Fatigue symptoms