Sanki Mayor

Metabolic syndrome

With the progression of chronic diseases associated with ageing, increasing life expectancy is a veritable challenge. The overall goal of Sanki-Mayor is to develop scientific formulas for individual prevention of a healthier life.

Metabolic syndrome is a group of risk factors that raises your risk for heart disease and other health problems, such as diabete and stroke. Metabolic syndrome is becoming the major health issue around the world.

The two most important risk factors for metabolic syndrome are: Extra fat around the middle and upper parts of the body (waist line), and insulin resistance, in which the body cannot use insulin effectively. Other risk factors include: accelerated aging, hormone unbalance, and lack of exercise.

Metabolic Syndrome

Sugar Science Unit

Sanki Mayor Team will develop new formulas that reduce the absorption of carbohydrates and sugar(anti-glycoxidation).

A new generation of vegetal enzymes issue from fermentation technology which will activate metabolism by balancing body enzymes.

Digestion Science Unit: Guts Health Probiotics

Gut Health is one of the most growing trend in the health industry, and consumers are looking to get solutions and products that give efficacy and improve the quality of life.

Sanki Mayor research team is working on the new generation of probiotic solutions.

Skin-Health Science Unit

The aim is to create a bioactive complex that can help the skin looking younger longer.

Beauty supplements work from the inside out and will reduce the cumulative damage induced by free radicals and AGEs on the skin (wrinkles, age spots, loss of elasticity and dry skin).

Sanki Mayor will develop new formulas that improve the skin natural defense system (anti-oxidation, etc).