Sanki Mayor

4th convention of SANKI MAYOR in collaboration with ISANH


The 4th innovation convention of SANKI MAYOR in collaboration with ISANH (International Society of Antioxidant in Nutrition and Health) took place on May 29th 2013 at Place Vendôme, Paris.


It was the opportunity to present the last advances and discoveries in the antioxidant field as well as discuss Sanki Mayor Strategies & Targets for next years projects.

Conference Program

The challenge of antioxidants in 2013 will be to prevent & treat metabolic syndrome, and chronic diseases as obesity, diabetes, hypertension,etc.


Oxidative Stress & Antioxidants Biomarkers: Applications

Which antioxidants and why we often obtained negative results? All ROS are not created equal, compartmentalization and concentration gradients are highly important.


How to combat against obesity and diabetes? How to combat against mitochondria dysfunction?

Gut microbiota

Gut microbiota importance in human health, protection from auto-immune diseases and immune system boosting.