Sanki Mayor


Solution for Night: KRONUIT ®

Kronuit is a nutraceutical beverage product (powder to dissolve in water) that improves the body regeneration at night, by reducing the accumulation of fat (principally in the abdominal area) and controlling cholesterol amount.

Kronuit is based on 2 efficacy proved Sanki Mayor materials and formulas: ADS (Advanced Delivery System) and Oxylia | Night | Reset.


ADS (Advanced Delivery System)

ADS (Advance Delivery System)
Kronuit has been developed with the nanotechnology ADS that allows ingredients to lead directly to the site where they are really effective in the body: the interior of cells and mitochondria, organelles responsible for supplying most of the energy necessary for cellular activity.

Oxylia | Night | Reset

An enhanced version of Oxylia developed in respect of the chronobiolgy rhythm: Oxylia | Night | Reset, intended to operate at night by reducing the impact of the excessive carbohydrate consumption syndrome. It acts directly on carbohydrates like sucrose, fructose and lactose to encourage the fat accumulation redistribution in the body.

O | N | R is based on the active complex Phasine™ (alpha amylase inhibitor), and contains vegetables extracts:

  • Black beans, because of their high quantity of both proteins and fibers, help with the digestion process and the blood sugar regulation.
  • Rosemary extracts provides powerful antioxidant protection.
  • Olive leaf extracts has been known to help with many issues with the liver.