Sanki Mayor

Efficacy & Security Balance

Safety and efficacy balance

Food supplements have to be taken every day for a long period of time, so it is important to offer advantages for both short and long term while reducing any side effects.

Our ingredients are 100% plants origin –like olive tree polyphenols- grown in farms with strict quality control. Pharmaceutical testing are realized for all our products to choose the optimum efficacy while having always the safety under control.

The perfect combination: Kronuit & BelAge

Sanki Mayor team of scientists have developed a combination of nutraceuticals: Kronuit and BelAge, made from the Oxylia and Orisod ingredients issued from the fermentation technology.

Kronuit and BelAge help balancing body enzymes and blood sugar in the long term, providing more energy and less obesity.

Sanki Mayor formulas are based on the chronobiology concept, a field of biology that examines periodic cycles. Liver biological rhythm distinguishes 2 periods:

  • During the night, O|N|R helps to reduce cholesterol and fat storage.
  • During the day, Orisod Enzyme boosts fat burning and activate the liver detoxification.
Kronuit and BelAge