Sanki Mayor
Innovation Labo

Collaborative Research

Research is the foundation of our business, and we collaborate with global network of scientist to develop natural and highly effective ingredients for nutraceutical application.

Sanki Mayor has developed its own functional systems dedicated to the synthesis and manipulation of molecules (nanomaterials). A unique green nanotechnology generator using only natural plants allows us to create new formula that combine both efficacy and safety.

In-vivo testing platform
Innovations and products are all tested in vivo, from absorption studies to human in-vivo clinical trials (the company was first in the nutrition field to start in-vivo trials for all its formulas).

Clinical expertise combined with the “In vivo testing platform “offer Sanki Mayor a strategic position to develop and share its innovations and medicalized solutions targeting obesity and metabolic syndrome.

The VEYATECH process is unique as it uses only vegetables as source of production of the ferments. This technology allows transforming natural extracts into more stable, highly effective complexes.

Bio Reactor
Bio Reactor Veyatech