Sanki Mayor

Paris Medicalized Food & Medical Nutrition

Sanki Mayor was present at the first World Summit on Medicalized Food & Medical Nutrition: The Emerging Market of Therapeutic Complements held in Paris in December 1st, 2012. This fifth edition was a great success, joining more than 70 professionals around global presentations about medicalized food.

Medical NutritionSanki Mayor shared its expertise in nutraceutical and metabolic syndrome, participating in discussions and conferences all along the day:

  • General Introduction: Why a conference on Medicalized Food & Personalized Nutrition?
  • The Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition: Can we talk about Reductors Food?
  • General Discussion and Conclusion with Chairs and Speakers

This year again, Medicalized Food 2011 allowed Sanki Mayor speakers to debate with other medical representatives, clarifying the huge amount of information, and discussing over the rising market opportunities.